About Us

American Obesity Foundation is leading the way communities understand and treat obesity and obesity-related suffering, like type-2 Diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs), asthma and even cancer. The sole mission of the American Obesity Foundation is to: keep Americans, especially underserved communities, healthy and strong by preventing obesity and obesity-related suffering. It seeks to ensure all of America’s children, particularly, from under-served neighborhoods have an opportunity to be healthy and live long, quality lives, in order, to engage fully in its economy.

Our approach makes us different from most obesity programs and initiatives. At American Obesity Foundation (AOF), we are standing up to the obesity epidemic by:

  • Challenging bad habits in homes, schools, workplaces and houses of worship built on a behavioral, self-healing model which believes a community can heal itself when all its members come together purposed to live healthier lives.
  • Ensuring kids, young adults and their families continue to access up-to-date resources, in order, to make healthier choices by pushing for less exposure of marketing of obesity-promoting products
  • We are working to expand access in places where communities struggle to find affordable, quality foods and resources
  • Advocating for expanded safe spaces for physical activity and increased access to healthcare
  • We need strong public support to make sure millions of America’s kids live healthier lives by preventing and reducing obesity.

Alongside, our core values and belief in a Self-Healing Model by which a community can heal itself when all its members come together purposed to live healthier lives, the American Obesity Foundation is dedicated to:

  1. Community Leadership Involvement: We cannot do this work alone. It is an enormous task that needs all hands on deck, as it were. We need neighbors talking to neighbors; residents taking on leadership roles in fostering a healthy culture which is likely to ensure greater successes.
  2. Focal Point: American Obesity Foundation (AOF) seeks to promote a shared understanding of the values and priorities that make up the local culture of the targeted communities we serve. Particularly, because we believe the prevailing culture helps residents come up with interventions everyone wants to support.
  3. Process of Innovation: The American Obesity Foundation is a strong supporter of interactive and reflective processes with community members, with a view to, continuous learning and improvement.
  4. Outcomes: Based on the gap between current results and the yearnings of neighborhood residents, local participation in research and findings of outcomes, drives participants to improve their approaches. The American Obesity Foundation is set on adopting completely creative, innovative and fresh strategies that are designed to impact the targeted communities in positive, measurable and sustainable ways.

It aims to accomplish these measures, by introducing on-time, effective and customized initiatives, resources, networks, and, advocate the health and dignity of Americans, including children, young adults, individuals, families and communities. AOF seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of the “Health-is-Wealth” mindset, hinged on making healthy choices from available options, towards promoting a healthy culture within American homes, schools, houses of faith, media, neighborhood stores and workplaces.


AOF needs you now more than ever. Unlike any other not-for-profit, the majority of our funding comes from individual donors. Because of you, American Obesity Foundation is in the forefront in fighting America’s obesity epidemic. Your support helps us with: childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes prevention campaigns, programs, education, capital expenditures, neighborhood outreach, advocacy and service. Your gift is very much appreciated and tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contact American Obesity Foundation, Inc. (“AOF”) at: 1-8006-THE-AOF or 1-800-684-3263

American Obesity Foundation accepts gifts of cash, securities, real estate, durable goods and equipment.



American Obesity Foundation (AOF) is focused on improving America’s public health, especially for underserved communities, by “keeping Americans healthy and strong by preventing obesity and obesity-related suffering”.

It aims to accomplish this by providing results-focused initiatives, network of resources, educate and advocate the health, welfare and dignity of America’s children, young adults, individuals and families.

Collaborate with other community based organizations to expand awareness for “Health-is-Wealth” mindset, within various neighborhoods, in order, to promote a healthy community culture, that will at least, give all of America’s kids a chance, at the best quality of life.


American Obesity Foundation (AOF) aims to be in the forefront of the fight against America’s obesity epidemic, particularly, for under-served, low income and neglected neighborhoods. Preventing and reducing obesity by breaking down mental health, emotional, social and physical challenges, in order, to foster healthy options & choices towards a culture of health for all Americans.


American Obesity Foundation is set on preventing obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as, type-2 diabetes and asthma, in underserved communities of New York City’s South East Queens, Far Rockaway, East New York, Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Harlem and the South Bronx, to mention a few.

It seeks to accomplish this by developing and advocating people-centered initiatives that promote healthy nutritional choices, exercise habits and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Community residents who have made the decision to make healthy choices from available options, particularly, in matters concerning their nutrition, caloric intake, exercise habits, health and lifestyle in general, as well as, those who are still in a contemplative phase, will be afforded every support, assistance and linked to local resources needed to stay healthy, free from the sufferings of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

AOF aims to accomplish this objective through multi-targeted initiatives and in partnership with other area-based neighborhood organizations.


American Obesity Foundation believes in the following five core areas as our values statement.

People-Centered: At the core of what we do, is a culture of respect, dignity and belief in a right way to treat people. We are committed to a person-centered, holistic approach, as well as, advocating on behalf of those we serve.

Empathy & Compassion, for the whole person while promoting and enhancing a culture of health by supporting people make healthier choices in their lives.

Promote Best Practices: To keep our various constituencies engaged, we consistently achieve or exceed expectations of our numerous stakeholders.

Collaborate with Others: Team members work together, respect and value each other, communicate effectively with a view to meeting and resolving challenges, and ultimately, for fulfilling AOFs mission.

Innovation: We love to learn, in order, to grow. As both innovator and advocate in partnership with other community-based organizations, we embrace the ideals of resource management, excellence, safety, team work and sustainability of AOFs mission.