About Us

The American Obesity Foundation (AOF) is on the forefront of the fight against an obesity epidemic that has impacted our country, especially in under-served, low income and most vulnerable neighborhoods. We foster healthy nutritional, physical and lifestyle options, towards breaking down mental, emotional, social and physical challenges.

Our goal is to prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as, type-2 diabetes, asthma, hypertension, lung and cardio-vascular diseases. By advocating people-centered initiatives that promote mindfulness, healthy nutritional choices, exercise habits and sustainable lifestyle changes, we institute societal change.


People-Centered: At the core of what we do, is a culture of respect, dignity and belief in a right way to treat people. We are committed to a person-centered, holistic approach, as well as, advocating on behalf of those we serve.

Empathy & Compassion, for the whole person while supporting people make healthier choices in their lives.

Promote Best Practices: To keep our various constituencies engaged, we consistently achieve or exceed expectations of our numerous stakeholders.

Collaborate with Others: Team members work together, respect and value each other, communicate effectively with a view to meeting and resolving challenges, and ultimately, for fulfilling AOF’s mission.

Innovation: We love to learn, in order, to grow. As both innovator and advocate in partnership with other community-based organizations, we embrace the ideals of resource management, excellence, safety, team work and sustainability of AOF’s mission.

At the American Obesity Foundation (AOF), we are standing up to the obesity epidemic by:

  • Altering bad habits by building upon a behavioral, self-healing model which believes a community can heal itself when all its members come together purposed to live healthier lives.
  • Ensuring kids, young adults and their families access up-to-dateĀ  and timely information to mitigate exposure to the marketing of obesity-promoting products.
  • Providing increased access to affordable, nutritious foods and drinks, including relatedĀ  resources in under-privileged neighborhoods.
  • Advocating for expanded safe spaces for physical activity and increased access to healthcare.
  • Promoting public support to make sure millions of America’s kids live healthier lives by preventing and reducing obesity.